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not tracking time

Norton Family is installed on my grandson's android tablet and it doesn't keep track of the time usage. I have time limits set but he can use his tablet 24 hours a day no matter what the setting. Works fine on my grand daughters tablet. He has android version 5.0.1  



Re: not tracking time

Hi @madar,
    Can you please check if “Access application usage data” setting is available for Norton Family in the device. This can be found in Settings -> Security -> Access application usage data -> Norton Family.  If you can find it, please make sure Norton Family is selected. If you cannot find the settings with this name, just use the search bar in Settings and search with the words "app usage".

   Please also refer this forum post where the non-availability of this setting in a few LG models (as per our data, we notice that your child is using an LG device) is discussed. This App Usage access permission is required for the feature to work.

Thanks and regards,
Norton Family team

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