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This forum thread needs a solution.

Nothing but problems

I've had Norton Family Premier for about 10 months and my membership is up for renewal in a couple of months. Unless I can get these recurring problems resolved, I will have to look for another solution. Here is the litany of issues that are constantly ongoing:

1. Logging onto the Norton Family application on my Android frequently results in an error message about not being able to reach Norton's authentication services. In fact that has been happening all night tonight.

2. I finally got logged in, and both of my child accounts say "There are no devices associated with the child." Really?

3. For 10 months, I have not ever been able to see ANY activity, video, or social networking tracking for 1 of my children. Why? The other one is working just fine. This kind of defeats the purpose of having this application which I paid for. It should be noted that while apparently according to NF there are no devices associated with my child, and no activity tracking whatsoever, the "time limits" seem to work just fine on the computer.



Re: Nothing but problems

Don't worry, I'm sure you will get the canned auto reply soon from KatieQ stating that they are working on it and to be patient or you will get the other one stating to provide your email address via private message. Lucky for me i didn't get a chance to apply this to my kids phones and computers yesterday morning before the servers were taken down in the middle of the week might i add. I was really hoping this would be the solution for my kids devices but after reading all the issues they seem to be having, i don't think its the right solution for me. my one question is, is there no way to override setting on devices with a password if the servers are down. 


Re: Nothing but problems


For the first two ones you reported, please share your details to Katie at the earliest. There has been interruptions in service over the last few days due to technical issues that we couldn't avoid, but want to let you know that we shall certainly do our best to resolve.

For the third one, I presume you are reporting this for your PC. You also mention that there are no devices associated with the child - is that correct? Has that always been the case for the last 10 months on this device?



Re: Nothing but problems

Oh yes, we have devices setup for both children. Lately, in the  Android app however, it says there are no devices. And tonight, I keep getting errors in Android stating rules were not able to be updated. I tried to login online and I get the following error:

Server Error

Your request was stopped for your protection. Your data is safe, and the error has been reported and will be investigated.

Return to the Norton Family homepage and sign in again. If the problem persists, contact Support.

Since the error was reported and is being "investigated" can you let me know the results of said investigation?

I looked at my subscription and it says I have a "basic" subscription, I could have sworn it used to say my subscription was for Premier.

What the hell is going on with this application? It's completely useless as of right now.


Re: Nothing but problems

Oh, add "unable to update policy" to the litany of issues I'm having.


Re: Nothing but problems

Hi abpmom2,

We have corrected the login error.  Can you please check again to see if you are still experiencing the issue you described above? 

If yes, can you please send me your Norton Family account email address by private message via the forum by clicking Inbox at upper right hand corner?



Thanks Katie

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