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Notification that subscription NMS has expired


I have been using Norton Security Premium for several years now to my great satisfaction. As usual 10 licenses are included, 7 of which are used now. Among those licenses is one to a Samsung S8 mobile device. A while ago I had to reset this device to factory defaults twice. After that I reinstalled NMS to the S8 and signed in again. All's fine and working now.

However: when I logon to my Norton-account on my PC it says every time that my NMS-subscription has expired and asks me to buy a renewal. I click it away and consult my subscriptions list; the list says that all 7 devices are OK including the S8 (all "green status").

In the bottom of the subscriptions list however I can also see two test-subscriptions to NMS; these are expired ("red status"). I think these are the culprits.

Can these test-subscriptions be removed (they have no added value whatsoever). I can easily keep clicking away the notification but I'm afraid that it will be coming back and back again if nothing is done about it, which is quite annoying.

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Re: Notification that subscription NMS has expired

Subscriptions never get removed from your Norton Account history. I have entries over 10 years old.

As long as all your devices are showing the subscriptions are current/active, you have nothing to worry about.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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