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I'm new here and not very IT savvy so please be kind to me!

I have norton family for my two children.  Every so often, I keep receiving notifications to say the system time has been changed on their laptops.  When I check their devices, the time is at the correct time.  I'm wondering if they have found a way to change the system time but make it look like it's not changed or if it is an issue with norton?

They assure me they haven't changed the time but you never know............... is there a way I can check other than just looking at the time on the bottom right of the laptop screen? Is anyone else having these issues?

Look forward to hearing from someone who can help :-)


Accepted Solution

Re: Notification of System Time Change

Hi Scotsista,

Thanks for reaching Norton Family forums.

We have noticed system time changes for two different devices that is configured for different children. This has happened only once on each of those devices.

If you see this alert more often, please let us know for further investigation.

Additionally, please check if the children logs in using a Standard Windows user account instead of Administrator. This would help in preventing them to change the system time.

Norton Family Team

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