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Notification to update my account

I keep getting this message.

Attention: Your protection will expire soon therefore your payment information needs updating.

I have updated account settings and message continues to arrive. What is the solution?

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Re: Notification to update my account

Update your credit card information

You can update your credit card information by signing in to your account.

When your subscription is due for renewal, and if the credit card information in your account is outdated, we send you a notification to update your credit card. You can also update this information by clicking on the notification.

If you are from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, visit your Norton store to update your account details. If your order number is starting with NP or AP, you can update your card information following the steps below.



For more help, contact Member Service & Support.

Contact Norton Support 

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Re: Notification to update my account

I just received a similar message to update my billing info.

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