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Notifications about device named "Uninstalled" cannot be deleted

Hi, I just downloaded and upgraded NF to the latest version on my son's Windows 10 laptop. As part of the upgrade process, the previous version uninstalled itself and I had to reboot to finish the upgrade.

Now on the NF web portal, I see several notifications about a device named "Uninstalled" (screenshot attached). I'd like to delete these notifications, but every time I try the portal puts a red bar at the top that says "Sorry, and error has occurred on the server" and then kicks me out (logs me off).

It's not urgent, but could someone look into this for me when time permits, maybe clear those notifications out for me? Thank you!


Accepted Solution

Re: Notifications about device named "Uninstalled" cannot be deleted

Hi @AMadar,

Thank you for reporting this issue.

The team has identified the cause of this issue and they are working on a fix.

We'll update this thread when the fix goes live.

You can also subscribe to the Product Update Announcement Blog so you'll get notified when we post the release announcement.

Mohanakrishnan G | Norton Forums Administrator | Symantec Corporation

Re: Notifications about device named "Uninstalled" cannot be deleted

I can delete notifications about "uninstalled" devices now. Thank you.

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