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Notifications need to be changed

I have Norton installed on my Samsung Android phone.  A white "1" in an orange circle continually appears superimposed on the Norton icon on my home screen.  This would seem to signify some kind of message, notification, problem(?), but when I open Norton, nor matter where I look, I can't find anything that seems to relate to the "1" and when I go back to the home screen, the one is usually still there.  It disappears sometimes, but it always comes back.  

Since this is an internet security application, doesn't it make sense that this should relate to some kind of message I need to address?  If not, why is it there?  Yet when I called Norton support today, I was told that this "1" doesn't mean anything and it wasn't meant for me.  What the...?  If it doesn't mean anything and there's nothing I need to do, why the hell is the app constructed to reveal this BS "1?"  This is an INTERNET SECURITY PROGRAM. Giving "informational" notifications that don't mean there's a problem or an action I need to take causes unnecessary stress trying to find out what Norton thinks is a problem and worry when I can't find anything!  If it's meaningless, shouldn't the app be redesigned so that a meaningless "notification" isn't produced?

Just utter nonsense, and a waste of my time waiting on tech support for their non-answer.