This forum thread needs a solution.

NPM needs to update all passwords with one click.

I have tons of passwords but changing each password to a fresh, secure one is practically mission impossible. It would take hours and hours, as one needs to surf to each page and manually update it. That's why I have not done it.

Norton needs to provide a better automatic function to do this for us, since passwords are HUGE problem. Password Manager needs to transform itself into something with much better artificial intelligence. Only recently have most of us stopped using poor passwords and resisted urge to using same easy password on each 'unimportant' site. Data breaches have revealed that our flimsy passwords are openly traded on dark web in the millions.

Also today I found out the Pegasus system is being used to follow virtually all our communications online. This is untenable. To top that off, Microsoft is part of the PRISM program and provides our information directly to the NSA. Huh? I no longer want Edge remembering my passwords !!

Help us Norton. Others comments are welcome.