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NPM Startup Icon Not Visible In FireFox

I'm using Windows 10 and FireFox 81. The startup button for NPM is a very light gray in the FF menu bar.  If I change the theme for FF, it is not visible. Is there a way to make it visible?



Re: NPM Startup Icon Not Visible In FireFox


Unfortunately there isn't anything that can be done to rectify that.  Feel free to post a suggestion here:

Product Suggestions

Windows 10 x64 2004 | Mint Cinnamon 20

Re: NPM Startup Icon Not Visible In FireFox

and if your Firefox is Dark Theme > Norton Password Manager button may be hard to see with vault closed and not visible with vault open >

vault closed (below pic)

vault open (below pic)

mouse hover at (above pic) where button should be to see Norton Password Manager button (below pic)

https://community.norton.com/en/comment/8315581#comment-8315581 - Posted: 12-Feb-2020

Yes, I've reported similar with Firefox Dark Theme....who knows if-when we'll get fix.

Users may submit their concerns thru Norton Feedback &or Product Suggestions.

https://community.norton.com/en/comment/8321241#comment-8321241 - Posted: 19-Feb-2020

Edit: Norton Feedback link fix = Norton Feedback

and btw ~ Norton Password Manager button does not display well (needs mouse hover) with Firefox dark theme.  

Posted: 30-Nov-2019