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This forum thread needs a solution.

NrNR doesn't work

Using it for windows 10, NRnR doesn't work, windows 10 upgrader doesn't work, operators are too busy helping other customers, confirmation for email to get on forum sent three times, Norton security does not startup, windows keeps asking if I want to use windows firewall or Norton, cant uninstall the product to get a fresh copy this will be my last time I use Norton when my subscription runs out.  What are you programmers doing?



Re: NrNR doesn't work

How come NRnR doesn't start?


Re: NrNR doesn't work

Um, are you in Admin user account ?

before run NRnR Tool

> restart (not Shut down) machine & open Admin user account.
Just me.  Just saying.

Using it for windows 10 [..] windows 10 upgrader doesn't work



Re: NrNR doesn't work


It may not be Norton's fault. Judging by the Labels you have used, it looks likes you have had at least 1 Blue Screen for unknown reason and also used the NPE. Don't know why that powerful tool was used and what it found out and what it might have deleted.

If the nrnr doesn't work, you can with a Admin Account use the Norton Removal Tool instead.

Save to desktop--don't run yet.   www.norton.com/nrt

Uninstall your Norton program using the Control Panel method.


Run the Norton Removal Tool, but read the beginning paragraph.


Check for any remaining folders and delete.

If previous security program wasn't cleaned out of computer with the proper removal tool, then that has to be done.

Reinstall your Norton product from your Norton Account.

Run Live Update until no more updates restarting as necessary. version should be 22.8/1/14

Malware can do all sorts of things to your computer. No one security program can catch or prevent all the malware all the time.


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Re: NrNR doesn't work


To help you out fast, you can contact Norton Support directly.

Plan B: try fix it yourself

1. Re-read this HTG post if you have trouble running Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.

2. Re-download a Norton product that works for your subscription > run Norton Removal Tool > restart > run the downloaded setup file as the admin user.

And, plz disable fast startup. More:

  • Plz check your programs list and/or browser settings for Potentially Unwanted Programs (use Revo and/or MBAM) - avoid installing those items, always.
  • Did you install any other non-Symantec security software? If so, plz head to this page and get an uninstaller so you rid of that app thoroughly.

Thx :) 

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