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Not convinced this is a good update. Since applying it yesterday (and that's the only thing that's changed) my laptops are running extremely (understatement) slowly. On one laptop Norton updated itself, so on the other one I updated myself. Both are now running really slowly and some things e.g. Windows Live Mail 2012 client are taking multiple starts to get them going.

I can see via process hacker the Norton CPU is running very high a lot of the time (like 89% etc).

Is there an issue with the update? If it was one laptop only I'd say no but it's both and the only thing that's changed on both is Norton. Both are Windows 10 1809.





Re: NS

Hi @DavidCoffield,

To help us investigate better, could you please respond to the below questions?

  1. Is this issue still persistent? 
  2. When do you see high CPU usage? Is it consistent?

Please note that when you initiate scan, high CPU usage is normal, and it will go down immediately. 


Gayathri R | Norton Forums Global Community Administrator | Symantec Corporation

Re: NS

It's settled down now and is back to normal. Saw this behaviour on all 3 laptops.

When the CPU was high it was consistent, Norton, and no scan was running.

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