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NS / 32-Bit.

Hi there !
NS / 32-Bit, installs and runs.
If I run 'Get Support' for a 'Self-Test'; I'm informed that it's fixed 1-item. I have no indication what that item is. If I run 'Get Support' again, I'm informed that it's fixed 1-item. This 'loop' is continuous. I've tried 'LOGOFF', 'RESTART', and 'SHUTDOWN', between 'Get Support'. I'm wondering if Norton need to look at the 32-Bit version ?
I've x2 64-Bit machines that installed and run a 'Get Support' function OK.

Interested in the Forums thoughts on the issue, as ever.

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Re: NS / 32-Bit.


Thank you for posting about this behaviour on the Norton Community. We are looking into it.

Gayathri R | Norton Forums Global Community Administrator | NortonLifeLock