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This forum thread needs a solution.

NS 22.5 update borked the Norton Anti-Spam interface in Outlook 2010


Thanks for letting us know about this issue; can someone walk me through the exact steps that occur for this issue, possibly with a screenshot or two? That would be a tremendous help. I've also sent private messages to a few of you about this issue regarding logs. If you're able to help gather those logs, that would also be very helpful. Thanks again.

Hi Tony,

In addition to the aesthetic anomalies I reported about yesterday ...


I have now come to the realization that this update has also borked the MS Outlook (in my case Outlook2010) <> Norton Anti-Spam interface.  Specifically, it now takes Outlook about 15 minutes to transact a mail run against my ISP's (TWC) email servers - a process that prior to this upgrade injection required just a couple of seconds (I have a 300x20 MBPS ISP service link)...

Prior to reading through this new thread I was about to try using the NRnR tool to see if it could repair what I now believe to be a damaged/corrupted/incomplete NSwB update installation. But within this thread I'm seeing reports that the NRnR and NRT tools are inflicting even greater damage than what has already been wrought by this update?


So - can you please provide us with Norton's official position on this?
Is it safe to try and recover from this bad patch using these tools or is it not?




Re: NS 22.5 update borked the Norton Anti-Spam interface in Outlook 2010


Hi everyone,

In light of the issues reported, we have removed the patch to resolve these outstanding issues. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for notifying us of these issues.

Gayathri Rajendiran
Norton Forums Administrator
Symantec Corporation

Hello Gayathri,

As I had yet to receive any response to my earlier post of 7:00AM PST this morning regarding the damage done to the Outlook <> Norton Anti-spam interface by this update...


and my concerns (based on other postings) about utilizing either of the Norton remedial tools...  But absent that, and in light of your earlier  (and now multiple times) amended notification(s) - specifically, the "TEMPORARY FIX" suggestion...

  • NS prompts “Restart Required” after each reboot. [link] - TEMPORARY FIX: To resolve this issue, run theNorton Removal Tool to remove the current product, then login to Norton Management to download & install the product.


I decided to try your suggestion of using the NRT, to then be followed by downloading and applying a fresh installation from the Management website.  I completed all this just a very short time ago.  Suffice it to say this only served to re-installed yet another copy of the v22.5.xxxx version of the product. And upon completion and further testing, the subsequent discovery that the Outlook <> Anti-spam interfacing remains arduously slow (I assume damaged) which thereby renders a previously functional Outlook installation now completely unusable.

Am now to understand that if I go through the same process a second time, I will (this time) receive the previous (and functional) version of the product?


Re: NS 22.5 update borked the Norton Anti-Spam interface in Outlook 2010

@avjohnnie, Sorry for the issue that you are facing. Norton Security installation from Norton Management will give you the latest version 22.5. if you want to install the NS v22.2 please use norton.com/latestns

But, before you install the NS v22.2 can you please send us the log for which i have sent you the instructions on how to collect via PM?.

Sunil_GA | Norton Forums Administrator | NortonLifeLock

Re: NS 22.5 update borked the Norton Anti-Spam interface in Outlook 2010

Sorry Sunil_GA - too late...

I've already reverted to v22.2 (as explained in the PM response).  Thankfully doing so fully fixed the Outlook issue created by 22.5 ...

Kind Regards,


Re: NS 22.5 update borked the Norton Anti-Spam interface in Outlook 2010

Bad to worse and no apparent method of recovery...short of using a total system recovery image.

My reverted NSwB v22.2 installation now periodically prompts for me to reenter my Norton account credentials.  At first it only wanted the usual email and acct PW entries. That has now escalated to also wanting a visual CAPTCHA verification. And the product status at the Management site (which also now wants a CAPTCHA) does not show the affected computer's device name (in the product seats list) and (of course) the total used sets is one less than it should be.  But the remote management name does show and indicates that everything is Okey-Doke - How is that even possible?

I gotta add - I have used Norton products for a long time (since 1993) and although I've been through some craze stuff with them along the way, this one is the new Grand Prize winner!

So...Question - Do I still retain a valid usage license for this product or not, because it seems that the key I have for it will no longer properly register / activate it?  Am I truly protected on this computer or not? I can now imagine a situation where the product is claiming so (thinks it's working), but the Norton servers are not talking to it to make it actually so (a lethal situation with a NS configuration, at least as I've been made to understand it).



Re: NS 22.5 update borked the Norton Anti-Spam interface in Outlook 2010

@avjohnnie - that sounds very strange, and very different than what people are reporting here. I don't normally recommend that someone contact the customer support team via Chat, but this sounds like a situation where someone with eyes on your system and some advanced tools can help get your system going again.

Tony Weiss | Norton Forums Global Community Manager | Symantec Corporation

Re: NS 22.5 update borked the Norton Anti-Spam interface in Outlook 2010

Long day...

I took your suggestion Tony, and did the chat...

Very interesting finding (which the chat rep told me has now been passed on to "those who need to know").

In a nutshell, the v22.5 is a one-way-only update ride. Oh sure, you can uninstall it and reinstall a previous (i.e. 22.2) version, but the Norton activation servers simply refuse to re-activate the older version after the v22.5 dreadnought has done its dirty work and contaminated the system.

So for better or worse, I'm now stuck with v22.5.

In order to be able to use the computer and the Outlook on it again, I've had to disable Anti-Spam in Settings and disable the Norton COM add-in in Outlook.

And now I get to play the waiting game for an eventual fix (hopefully)...

A very unhappy camper (who's not likely to forget this any time soon).


Re: NS 22.5 update borked the Norton Anti-Spam interface in Outlook 2010

Well it's morning now and the trouble continues...

Seems the NSwB (v22.5) Main GUI has decided that it doesn't want open - after two reboots and it finally did.

This is the end result of the v22.5 re-installation done by the Norton support chat rep last evening...

Obviously the damage has been done - first the defective update push - then the numerous usages of the NRT and product re-installs - have taken their toll and unhinged what was previously a fully functioning system.

I've now resigned myself to using the last option I have remaining - a total rollback using a system recovery image.

It will be a long time before I'm capable of trusting a Norton product again...

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