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This forum thread needs a solution.

NS 22.8. isnt runnig under Win 10 Preview 14955


up to Win Preview 14931 we haven´t any problems with NS. But wenn I tried to update to Win 10 Preview 14955 NS blocked the Win Update at 80%. The only solution was to remove NS for the update.

After updating, I installed NS 22.8. and it was running well until I rebooted the PC. Now NS starts not completely (no NS APP available) but blocks the execution of further APPs an many other function, i.e. windows update in settings. After removing NS Win runs well again. I´m now using Windows Defender on this system and wait for the next release of NS

The Norton support chat had no other ideas then checking task list, scansfc etc. and presented no solution.

Has anyone an idea about this?  



Re: NS 22.8. isnt runnig under Win 10 Preview 14955

Norton Security 22.8 does not currently support Windows Preview build 14955. Also when installing a preview built you should be not doing it on your everyday pc. A preview build is a beta build. That means you are taking any risk that comes with it. There are other threads about this. Some devs are working on it. Best bet is to go back to build 14393.351 which is the current version of Windows 10. Or do you have a clean system image to roll back on? If you Google it you will see that many users of various antiviruses are having the issue. Avast, Kaspersky, AVG just to name some. 

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