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NS full scan has stopped deleting cookies

We have NS installed on 4 PC's all running Windows 10 V1607 with all W10 patches applied.  Full scans run on all PC's early each Saturday morning.  On 10/1 all four full scans found and deleted cookies.  On 10/8, three of the full scans found and deleted cookies, but on one PC, it said no cookies were found.   It would normally find 30-40 cookies and delete them.


On the suspect PC, we did a restart and ran NS Live Update (no updates needed).  Then we ran a manual Quick Scan, which also normally finds and deletes cookies on all 4 PC's. Again, the other 3 PC's found and deleted cookies, but not the fourth. 

We have already tried cycling through the three Scan/cookie settings of "Ask Me", "Ignore" and then back to "Delete" on the suspect PC, but no cookies were ever found in any mode.

We know by using other tools (Ccleaner and Internet Explorer -> Options) that there ARE actually cookies on the suspect PC, including our Amazon login cookie which NS normally deletes.  But so far, no matter what we try, NS does not detect or delete the cookies on this one PC.  NS on all three other PC's appears to be completely normal.

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Accepted Solution

Re: NS full scan has stopped deleting cookies

Hi, Mountain_Bob. I assume you have in Settings>Antivirus>Scans and Risks>Tracking Cookies Scan set to Remove ?

If so, and they are not being removed, you may wish to try the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool on that PC for a clean install.


If used, please read the Before you begin note and run Live Update after until no more are found and then restart.

As you probably know Win 10 needs to be completely shut down for Norton to correctly operate, and we suggest Fast Start Up be disabled as this is also known to cause problems.



Let us know how you go.

Windows 10 Home X 64

Re: NS full scan has stopped deleting cookies

Hi F 4 E -

Thanks for your comments.  Yes, we did have all 4 PC's set to "Remove" cookies during scans.

We did NOT know about the conflicts between NS and Windows Fast Startup.  So here's what we did on the affected PC:

1.  Turned OFF the "Fast Startup" feature under Windows Power Options, as you suggested.

2.  We made sure we had at least one cookie out there that we know NS would normally delete (Amazon login).

3.  Shutdown the PC, waited a few minutes.  Then powered it back on (without Fast Startup)

4.  Ran Liveupdate until we got "no more updates"

5.  Prayed, and then ran an interactive Quickscan.

6.  IT WORKED!  It found and removed 31 cookies, including the one we could check for sure (Amazon).  (Before this, interactive Quickscans were also failing to find and delete cookies.)

We will monitor the next scheduled Full Scan (early next Saturday morning) to make sure it is "fixed" too.  If it also finds and deletes cookies, and everything else seems normal, then we will skip the Norton Remove and Reinstall... at least for now!

Thanks again for your help and professionalism.


Re: NS full scan has stopped deleting cookies

You're welcome, and hope the problem stays away ! 

Windows 10 Home X 64

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