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NWP and e-mail Problems

This morning, my email was sending and receiving as normal.

When a particular website would not load, I switched NWP OFF.

After viewing the website, I switched NWP ON, and thereafter could Not send or receive email.

Then, I switched NWP off and on and checked email. I noted the IP address of each: five in all, No email

On switching OFF/ON and checking email again, on the Sixth ip address, it was back to Normal.

Maybe this could be of use to Norton Techs in resolving the problems with email.



Re: NWP and e-mail Problems

I've also found that on computer startup, NWP autoconnects to an ip address that will Not send/receive email.

Solution is to Switch Off Autoconnect, Switch Off NWP leave it for about 60 seconds, Switch NWP On and my email is back to normal.

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