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Offline installation....download to external drive?

I have the Norton Security Premium, 10 license software and it is currently installed on 4 devices.  I want to install it on a brand new laptop and I'm looking for a method that will allow me to do it without connecting to the internet to do so.  I assume that means downloading it to a external drive and then installing it from there.

Working through the download procedures on the website, I am not seeing any options for offline installation or download to alternate location.

Can anyone help?  Windows 10.


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Re: Offline installation....download to external drive?

You can download directly from the following link but it will want internet access as soon as it is installed to activate your license.


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Re: Offline installation....download to external drive?

Thanks.  I assumed there had to be a link but I couldn't find it.  Now, if only there was a way to activate the license prior to hooking up to the internet!

Much appreciated!

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