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Online backup failing - problem connecting to the Internet.

Today (26 October 2014) I ran my online backup.  It failed with the following message:-

The odd thing is I do have a valid internet connection and can connect to the Norton Online backup servers and see the previous version of the backup there.  I can also see the old backup in my Norton Backup drive.  I note that there have been such issues in the past but cannot find a reported solution.

I have tried creating a new online backup set and like the current one it appears to run showing everything had been copied, then it runs on for some time and eventually comes up with the above message.

I would be grateful if anyone can come up with a solution to this issue.  The new backup data has not been copied to the Norton servers for either the old or new set.

Backups via WiFi to a network drive seem to work fine.

[Running N360 Version 21.6.032
Operating System: Windows 7, 64 bit, Home Premium, Service Pack 1]



Accepted Solution

Re: Online backup failing - problem connecting to the Internet.

Problem resolved but I am not sure how.

Before posting the previous message I had tried various things like restarting the computer etc.  After posting I left my PC for a few hours and then tried to restore one of the old files.  That worked perfectly.  Then I tried my new backup set and the old one, both worked just as they should.

Conclusion, probably something to do with the Norton servers that cleared itself, though doing a file restore may have reset something.

Whatever.  Issue resolved.


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