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Online backup full-purchased additional space-still not working


I am new to forum so apologies if this has been asked before and I've not spotted it.

I purchased additional online backup space in August as my backup linked to Norton 360 said it was not sufficient. There was an offer on at the time so I paid £39.99 for this. The payment was definitely taken but I didn't appear to receive any additional storage.

I've spoken to the live online help who assure me that I was given an extra 5GB. Am sure this should have been more and certainly the website today says £39.99 would give me 25GB. The technician said I have 10GB of NOBU and 5GB associated with the 360.


My back up still won't complete and my account says I have 95% of 10GB stored. Not sure where the other 5GB has gone to.

I have explored the options in my 360 control panel and the online account but this has not helped. I've also spoken to the help support who even remotely looked at my machine. I have tried deleting computers associated with the backup and changing the backup set all to no avail. The technician told me to restore files and this would delete them from storage but it hasn't.

I really need some help to empty my online storage so I can then run the backup with the files I want to save - and any advice or reasons anyone knows about why I didn't get the additional storage when I paid for it would be good too.

Am not very techie so simple instructions please.

Thanks in advance.

I have an ACER Aspire laptop running Windows 7 and I use Google Chrome.



Re: Online backup full-purchased additional space-still not working

Hi strawbaby

You should be able to purge the data from your account directly. It looks like a bulk of your used space all points to one set created with Norton 360. If you still have Norton 360 installed you should be able to remove them via the Norton Drive.

If you open My Computer/Computer from your desktop do you see this option available to you?

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