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Online shopping not working for Coles

Hi all, 

I have been shopping online with for a few years now, and I don't know what has changed but I can't use my laptop or Iphone to access this site anymore, as soon as I hit "online shopping" it doesn't bring anything up but what looks to be the headlines of the webpage but no pictures.   I can get to coles webpage but not to the online shopping to be able to log in. 

Is there something in Norton that has changed this access?   I can access other online shopping pages, so I'm a bit confused why I can't access Coles. 

Does anyone know where I need to look to fix this? 





Re: Online shopping not working for Coles

R U from Australia? 
as test: from United States
Shop Onine button here >

page presentation is not caused by Norton 

Coles Online is not available in your country or access has been blocked.

Note: I get same with Norton 360 Secure VPN - Australia

as always, your mileage may vary


Re: Online shopping not working for Coles

I have been able to use Coles before, but something has changed and now I can't access Coles Online.    I am in Victoria Australia.    Every other shopping site I have no issues with.