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Online Vault Display Issue

Utilizing latest IE 11



Adjusting the display of the Screen resolution, impacts where the Vault window opens,  as it does not adjust to the screen automatically.

Is there a setting I am unaware of, (other than adjusting the screen res or restore down) that will allow the vault window, when opened to display on zoomed screens correctly.

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Re: Online Vault Display Issue


Re: Online Vault Display Issue

All: Changing the video adapter resolution vice the zoom settings in IE11 and a reboot should fix this issue. I run the latest IE11 and don't have the issue at 1920 x 1080 as my adapter supports extremely high res. Before doing so the OP should go to the top right where the double window icon is and click. That should bring the browser set at full screen mode and recheck the resolution from that point on.


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