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Online Vault will not open

The following is posted more for information than anything else.

I am running NSBU (Norton Security Premium) on a Win 7 (64 bit) desktop using IE11 as my default browser and have both an Online and a Local Vault on this system. 

Yesterday we lost power unexpectantly for about an hour while this system was running.  After power returned, I fired it back up and everything was OK until I attempted to log into my Online Vault.  I entered the Vault password (as I was already logged into my Norton Account and I got the response, "Validating Vault Password" - which lasted for about a minute and then told me it had timed out and to check my internet connection - which was fine.

I then checked my Local Vault - no problems, work just fine.

Went to https://identitysafe.norton.com/,  signed in with my Norton Account, entered my Online Vault password and it opened and I could get to the sites OK.

I then went to my Vista (32 bit) Laptop using IE9 as my default browser and which also has both an Online and a Local Vault.  I was already logged into my Norton Account, so I attempted to log into my Online Vault.  No problem getting logged in or using the Vault.  Now this is the same Vault I could not get into on my desktop, but could get into via the ID Safe link.


Accepted Solution

Re: Online Vault will not open

I figured something must have become corrupted with the NSBU or the Online Vault (which was open) when the power was lost.  Ran the NRnRT, updated to (as the NRnRT still downloads and all is well and functioning properly again on the desktop.

Just wanted to pass this info on in hopes it can help someone else in the future.  I marked it as needing a solution, so I could get it into the Search history as a Solved Thread.


Re: Online Vault will not open

I've been following several threads on lots of forums about the password vault for the last week (or better) since one of my computers password vault quit working. I have re-installed the product and the new version with all the updates and latest patches - V-29.0.71. My wife can access the web based password vault without any issues but that is such a pain.

My question is - If the password vault isn't working properly - how can I trust the rest of the product to protect my computer?

The Answer is - I can't...............

I see "super users" responding to these threads and only 1 reply from anyone employed by Norton I believe. I was a "super user" with my company's software line and couldn't do much to help with "undocumented features" that an engineer mistakenly created. I've seen issues reported for better than 2 weeks and so far it still isn't working. Is there a way to roll back patches? Should I reinstall and not allow it to update? This is getting pretty silly and needs to be addressed before you lose more customers than appear to be leaving due to this "issue".


Re: Online Vault will not open

Your trust level is a personal decision. The issues reported here with the ID Safe have been identified a server issues on Norton's end. The security product is working just fine. 

Personally, I trust the security portion of the product, but I am taking steps to replace the ID Safe features. 

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Online Vault will not open

I got my computer guy hat out and went to work.

Removed Security+ (saved vault info) and can log into password vault. IE-11 comes up again and didn’t freeze - and has vault plug in working.


Reinstalled without updates and vault opens. IE-11 functional and has full Security suite functional.

Reboot and still works as advertised.

Ran Updates – had a round of 13 – IE-11 still opens, vault still logged in.


Still works

Ran updates – no updates

Seems to be working as advertised.

My guess is the base package has been updated as there was no patch, or yet anyway, but Security+, password vault and IE-11 all seem to be working as before the spit hit the fan.

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