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The Only Thing I Actuallly Know About The Roll-Out Of the New NS

There has been more drama driven by the introduction of NS than I have ever before seen accompanying the introduction of any other security program.

I'm not saying that's good or bad - just an observation involving all the drama posts about upgrades, slow shut downs, that aberrant YouTube Video, etc., etc.

It's really been fascinating to observe.

This post has absolutely nothing to do with the product itself - it's just an observation about the reaction by existing and potential customers as expressed here and on other security forums.

Is Norton's customer base a bunch of Drama Queens?? :-))  Or is it that Norton's New and confusing Upgrade Policy and other factors have just been so controversial??

This event has been epic :-)

Perhaps the drama was generated by design by Norton Marketing - it certainly has generated interest in the product and clearly demonstrates that it is a new and bold conceptual break with the past. A call-out by Norton that the new interconnected, multi-device internet and wireless world needs a fresh move to new approaches to Internet and wireless security. (That's the best spin I can put on it :-)