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open vault when windows starts

Norton Security Suite in its' infinite wisdom is making old folks like me gradually go insane!  I've been using your products either independently or via Comcast network subscription for more than 15 years!  Working solutions to the use of the password management features of the Norton Identity Safe we have installed on several computers in our house, and which I used to try to keep "synchronized" so that my wife and I, in a very secure environment,. (we have a whole house alarm system, deadbolts, etc. and "live in a good neighborhood" ,etc.)one that is probably more secure than a lot of office environments.  I used to be able to link the home network Windows user login/password to the identity safe so that on each computer in the house (independent of the OS version of Windows)browsers behaved the same way, used the same user structure , and provided the same services when a browser login sequence was required for a url/password sequence for a remote security interface on any of our computers.  We have a Windows XP portable, a Windows Vista desktop, and two Windows 7 (x64) desktops.  All have the same three windows user profiles set up with consistent passwords and network access rights, etc.  Each has the latest version releases of software from Microsoft that is provided for consumer grade use, but we do not have a "server" in the environment, and we do use a NAS NTFS based disk attached to our Linksys WRT1900AC router which is accessible to each Windows system/login combination with full "manager" security rights to the NTFS file structures available if needed to the "administrative" user windows account(s) on all of our systems.

I'm 73 years old, neurologically evaluated as having "slight memory deficit" especially short term.  My wife is worse because she has a "paper based" mentality that has never completely transitioned to the electronic systems and security world in a way which makes her want to keep passwords written down on a rolodex. She cannot read my handwriting and often we both forget to update each other on issues related to the rolodex which she considers to be the key to her world and which I occasionally have to refer.  The problem we need to solve is the need for a "shared identity safe" that includes web based access to the same accounts via our personal cell phones, or from any computer in the house so that when either one of us sets up an "identity" we intend to share (like our joint bank accounts/credit cards, etc.) we can keep the "key information" up to date in a way which makes it easier for memory impaired folks to use.  Over the past few years, as we have added "newer" computers to the network, the pressure of "hardware/software" drift has become more and more annoying/frustrating/problematic to us because of constant sometimes unwarranted and time wasting changes in software/web based security systems procedures.  WE NEED A WAY TO KEEP IT SIMPLE!  The developers at banks that are now checking device MAC addresses before accepting login credentials from an unrecognized device seem to be out to kill us!

For example, we just purchased an electronic keyboard via Amazon which required warranty registration and came with web access to a library of online-downloadable materials and services.  I could not perform a "joint registration" so that from the computer I normally use, and the one my wife often uses, the same security credentials could be presented by two different Windows user accounts.  I did the registration, emailed my wife the credentials I had set up, and she tried to use them.  This is when I discovered that somewhere along the line between one Windows 7 (x64) system and a newer one both running up to date releases of Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) but different "bios" and "bulid" versions as starting points that had been set up with the same user structure, the process of opening the Norton Identity Safe when the user windows credentials are presented had "drifted" so that on her computer the vault was "closed" by default, she kept not opening it, and writing things down on the rolodex to the point that we ended up wasting most of an entire morning dealing with showing her how to access a secure web site to browse for and purchase compatible music for the new keyboard.  Most of our communications issues and frustrations came from the fact that the protocols for doing these routine tasks, creating and storing re-usable security credentials, keep changing faster than people or software systems seem to be able to keep up with.

What can be recommended for a Comcast/Verizon/Amazon Prime user/subscriber that uses Microsoft Office subscription software and two bank web sites, some brokerage accounts, and several proprietary information services that will "make life simple" NOT MORE COMPLEX?  I would love to find a way to "revert" her computer's identity safe to the structure we set up years ago that depends on a single end user login to Windows to provide access to an "open" identity safe that will reasonably simply "remember" any new security URL/User/Password combination that gets set up, and preserve it as a functioning link through typical evolutionary changes on the web host?  The latest game of corporate web security developers, blueprinting the browser signature/device mac address and flagging every instance of a change as a possible breach just contributes to the problem. 

"Retired Cybergeek"



Re: open vault when windows starts

Did you convert your systems from a regular Norton security product that included the Identity Safe feature to the offering from Comcast?

The regular Norton security products use a cloud vault, that does not allow you to allow the vault to be opened when Windows starts. But it does allow you to have your vault contents available from all registered computers.

If you have the Comcast version of the Norton security products, they use a locally stored vault which you can set up to open automatically when Windows starts. But you cannot sync your vaults between the different computers.

Were your vaults automatically being synced, or were you just manually updating each computer?

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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