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This forum thread needs a solution.

OpenVPN (v2.3.4) and NS v22.5.2.15

Good afternoon Norton Comunity

I have been using Norton products for a few years now, i have also used OpenVPN with previous versions of Norton Internet Security with out any issue.

Recently i started using OpenVPN again (i should say try to use OpenVPN) but i am experiencing lots of connectivity issues. I wont detail all the steps i went through, quite numerous tho, but i ended up removing Norton Security and then I could use OpenVPN without any connectivity issues. I reinstalled Norton Security and my issues came back. Even if i disable the Firewall the issues persist.

I can only get OpenVPN to work efectively with Norton Security fully removed from my system. I need to be able to use OpenVPN, that is imperative. Is there any experts that could help me to configure my NS to be able to use OpenVPN, please?

This particular machine is a Windows Vista Ultimate, running Norton Security v22.5.2.15 and OpenVPN v2.3.4, i should also say mention that I use OpenVPN from a non-admin account, even tho i am the administrator, i use the non admin account for 99% of my activity on the computer, i only use the admin account once in a blue moon for admin purposes.  

Should you need more information please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: OpenVPN (v2.3.4) and NS v22.5.2.15

You might want to update OpenVPN to 2.3.8. I have both products you named but using 2.3.8 on VPN and I have no problems with OpenVPN running with Norton Security.

DELL XPS 8900 / I7-6700 / 64bit / 16GB RAM Win7 Pro - Norton Security

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