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This forum thread needs a solution.

Operation failed when saving the file

I was given a .xlsx format file to do a simple change. But Microsoft Excel won't let me save to .xlsx. After saving the file this error message occurred:

Operation failed

Unexpected error

The version of office is Microsoft Office 2013.

Windows 8

LENOVO Ideapad

Is anybody able to help with this please?



Re: Operation failed when saving the file

Hello Harry When you get the "unexpected error" is there a numeric code as well? Also, select the file and open its properties. Just below "attributes" look for a check box being there with the text similar to "this file came from another computer do you trust it". Check the small box and save. Try to reopen / resave the file.


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Re: Operation failed when saving the file

It could be a Read only file so you cannot change or save in a different file?


Re: Operation failed when saving the file


I did a little research and don't know if this will help or not. You might find the answer in this link.


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