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Order not processed after more than 2 days

First of all, after i made my order for the id: XXXXXX@XXXXX.sg, i was told in an email that i have to wait 4-8 hours before it could be processed because there were difficulties and after 8 hours it will definitely be processed. Howver, 8 hours past and when i contacted customer support, i was told to wait another 24-48 hours and i was promised that after 48 hours it will go through. the rep even told me when i asked what if it still doesn't go through, he proudly said that symantec will not disappoint. i took the words, and it's been 48 hours, and i am still getting nothing on my side. I contacted support again, and guess what, i was told to wait another 24-48 hours because there were still difficulties. This is absolutely ridiculous because I was promised and if that promise cant be kept do not make the promise in the first place. The customer service was bad as i dont see why the process cant go through after more than 2 days. I do hope anyone can help in this.