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Orphan Backup Sets

I am using Norton Security Suite from Xfinity. When I open the "Norton Backup Drive" system folder, it reports that I have eight (8) backup sets. When I open the "Norton Portable Restore" it reports ten (10) backup sets. When I open Norton Security "Manage Backup Sets" it only reports four (4).  Deleting some of the orphan sets using "delete" on the Norton Backup Drive takes forever and I am using a lot of space on my external drive.

Can anyone explain the orphan backup sets? And can anyone provide me a procedure that purges these orphans efficiently?

Thanks (a newbie with great hopes)

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Re: Orphan Backup Sets

I suggest Uninstalling all Norton Applications and Not Bothering. Mac Doesn't Require Any Antivirus, Hackers And Malware Creators Target Windows NT Because its most common in the workplace, and has lots of unlocked doors and wormholes, where things can get in. Check out this guide if you want to read up on it:

https://www.howtogeek.com/141944/htg-explains-why-windows-has-the-most-v...(link is external)

However if your on windows, get microsoft security essentials here:


You may be able to get a refund on some things:


Best Wishes, Hope This Helps,

David Barnes


Re: Orphan Backup Sets


I appreciate your comments. BYW I am using Windows 7-Professional.

I was hoping for a solution which maintains my backup plan but gets rid of the "chafe" (aka orphans) and reduces the file space consumed by the backup sets.

Uninstalling and holding my hands up is an option, but I would prefer to get this resolved, not give up.  Again thanks for your opinion and information links.


Accepted Solution

Re: Orphan Backup Sets

Renamed N360_Backup folder to OLD_N360_backup (in SAFE mode) and performed new backups. Norton remembered the files to back up so I just had to wait until it was done. Since I have the old folder, i could use AR_restore to get anything back if anything fell into the cracks.

All the anomalies were resolved, so I am going to declare this thread solved.

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