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Osx.trojan.gen detected after LiveUpdate? False Positive?

I used the LiveUpdate today and ran a full scan afterwards on my Macbook. It detected osx.trojan.gen that could not be repaired or deleted. I haven't downloaded anything and it wasn't there before the update. I searched around online for more info and some say it could be false positive, but I'm not sure.

So I turned it off for a couple of hours and later used the LiveUpdate again to see if there was another update coming, which it did. I ran another full scan again to see if the trojan was still detected, but somehow the scan did not find anything.

I don't know what happened. Could it be from the LiveUpdate? Is it safe to use my Macbook again? I read on other forums that I could download Malwarebytes to delete the trojan, but from the scan results it's not there anymore. Please let me know! Thanks!