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Other computers backup sets appearing in my new PC drives list

I'm configuring a new Windows 10 PC for my son (#2);  I downloaded and installed NIS using one of my available licenses, and activated it.  Now, I'm seeing backup sets for two other computers (one is my son's) appearing in the Drives list, under File Explorer.   I can click into these and see the files (and download them) onto this new PC;   the problem is those files should be private to those other computers -- why can I see all the backup files for other computers?

Furthermore, I can't remove the cloud backup sets link in the Drives list.   How can I remove this link so that my files, and son#1's files aren't visible and downloadable on this new PC?



Re: Other computers backup sets appearing in my new PC drives list

My guess is that you are seeing your backups because you have installed Norton on your son's PC by signing into your Norton Account to activate the product. 

If you open your Norton product on that computer, then click on your email address at the top right and sign out. Restart the computer. If you now go to look at the backup sets, you would have to sign into your Norton Account again to see those files. So as long as you do not give your login info to your son, he will not see your files.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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