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"Other Norton Products"

That's a lot of products lumped into one area.

Right now, I only have 360 2.0, NSR 2.0, and Antibot on my system so I'm not interested (at the moment anyway) in Ghost and everything else, but I have to wade through them anyway. (OK, I know I can search.)

Sure would be great if each product were separated out like NIS! Would make things a lot easier and less confusing. You'd only need to keep the current versions of Symantec products on the forum. When NIS 2009 (if there is one) comes out, you could archive the posts for NIS 2008 and allow access but no new posts.

Doable? Maybe when the forum goes from beta to gold?



Re: "Other Norton Products"

That's the plan. Depending on the success of these forums, eventually we want to create a board for each product. You may see some expansion during the BETA, but for now, only Norton Internet Security has its own board. Thanks!
Tony Weiss | Norton Forums Global Community Manager | Symantec Corporation

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