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Outdated Vulnerability SIGs?

A new Vulnerability Protection engine and new Vulnerability SIGs were delivered by Live Update last night.  Running Live Update again says that everything is now up to date.

But if you go into Norton Antivirus and then go to "Configure" Vulnerability Protection to see the list of vulnerabilities, the note at the bottom of the list says the signatures are dated 2/23/10.

Is this correct?  Isn't that the date of the SIGs the old engine used?

This is on a PowerPC G4 laptop running 10.5.8.

There are no relevant error messages in the Console.




Re: Outdated Vulnerability SIGs?

The date of the current signatures is 2/23/2010. The old engine used signatures that were close to that date, but the new signatures are in a different format that is not compatible with the old engine.

Ryan McGann Technical Director Norton Business Unit, Symantec

Re: Outdated Vulnerability SIGs?

Thanks for the clarification, Ryan.


This evening, Live Update delivered another, new set of Vulnerability sigs.  Since it was just the sigs, there was no request to Restart.

After the Update, I launched Norton Antivirus and went to check the dates again and they were still 2/23/10.  Just to be sure, I Restarted the computer and checked once again and now they were 4/8/10.

If newly updated Vulnerability Sigs don't take effect until after a Restart, you should consider having Live Update say that (just as it does when the engine itself is changed).  If they DO take effect right away, then there may be a bug in Norton Antivirus in not picking up the new date for display (until you Restart) even though the new signatures are actually being used.


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