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outlook com surrogate error message in windows 10

I too have had a running battle with the Windows Security message pop-up. I have Outlook on my laptop, but no longer use it as I have migrated to Google GMail. So it appears when Windows 10 boots up it tries to log into Outlook in background and fails with the Surrogate Error message. Then Norton 360 pops up a Com error message.

I went and logged into my old Outlook account through the Windows Outlook app. Then went into Norton and turned off Anti-Spam in it's settings. Then rebooted the computer. Things have really settled down, only saw a message once.

It does appear there is a fight with Windows trying to log in the background and Norton's anti-spam feature. 

Before the latest Norton update, when I went to shutdown I was always told that their was a windows app. open, but it never told me what it was. And I had to tell it to shut it down anyway. I think it was the Outlook app. not getting signed in and handing. Now Norton sees it and tries to do something with it. Or something like that. With the latest update the message surrogate message comes up in Word too.

Let me know when it is fixed so I can turn the anti-spam feature back on.