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This forum thread needs a solution.

Outlook not able to send emails

Dear All,

Since last 2 week I am not able to send emails via outlook 2016. Its running on Windows 10. If I am disabling email protection then I am able to send emails.

The SMPT is - exmail.etisalat.net.ae and port is 25

Any Solutions?



Re: Outlook not able to send emails

My guess is that you should check with your Internet provider. They may be able to assist.


Re: Outlook not able to send emails


Thanks for the question. I work for Symantec, on STAR component development and CRT issues. It appears like a direct relationship but we need more information. There are many factors that can be causing email issues. Are there any error messages you see from our software or from outlook? Is only outbound email not working? When the email protection is on, you can still receive mail, but just not send? Did anything change in the last two weeks that might explain this in behavior? It could be a change to your ISP, the email client software, competing products running concurrently. What our software is doing can be impacted by all these things. Is your email provider located in Europe? If yes, do you know what country?

What version of Norton are you using? We have standard consumer versions and also versions intended to run in an office environment. It would be helpful to know if you are running this in a managed setting like from work. A Norton Security product update 22.9, is in the process of rolling out. It falls within the timeframe of two weeks, but it also takes a few weeks before all clients get it. I am not part of the Consumer Division so I don't know the exact dates. I would suggest making sure that all Norton components are up to date just to make sure we are working with the latest released versions. First reboot, to update any files already pending a reboot. Then run live update a couple of times and more rebooting if prompted is also needed. Then try sending email with the outbound scanner enabled. If you encounter any errors, please either screen capture the dialog box and post the image or tell us what the error says. Multiple errors may be encountered. The error messages are important.

The forum moderators may have additional suggestions. Normally I would not be one of the first person replying here, but email issues like yours can take time to resolve and may require the customer's consent to remotely access their system and collect network traffic data. When these issue linger the problem gets resolved some other way.

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