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Re: outlook won't send while VPN enabled

Fix problem accessing the emails when connected to Norton Secure VPN
Some of the applications or services, do not support the VPN traffic due to security reasons or geo restrictions.

To fix this problem, enable Split Tunnel feature for your email application. Split Tunnel feature lets you exclude the email application traffic from passing through Secure VPN. - 04/08/2021

Route applications using Split Tunnel in Norton Secure VPN
The Split Tunnel feature in Norton Secure VPN lets you route some of your app traffic through the VPN channel while other apps access the Internet directly. - 06/02/2021

Why can't I send or receive e-mails when the VPN connection is active?
By enabling VPN, you always establish a point-to-point connection (tunnel) between your device and a VPN server.

With active VPN, your device establishes an encrypted connection with the VPN server, which in turn forwards all data to the website servers. As a result, your device is excluded from the local network during this time and you cannot connect to the network printer/network devices or an e-mail server. This prevents local email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. from sending or receiving email. 

Only after disabling VPN, you will be re-connected to your local network as usual and can use network printers/network devices again or send and receive e-mails. is external) 

Many web sites including email providers will block access from known VPN servers. The email system thinks that someone else may be trying to log into your account, so they block it for security reasons. Even if you use a US virtual location, the email system knows your regular 'real' IP address and will flag an IP address from a different location. You can try contacting your email provider to see if they are doing this, and if there is any work around. 

Losing Internet Connection after connecting to VPN is external)

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