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Outlook.live.com will not load without re-tries

For the last couple weeks in Sept. Outlook.live.com will not load without many attempts. I have re-booted computers and router.  I use Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox on both computers and also Edge on Windows 10.  I use two separate Dell laptop computers in my home, bought years apart. I use Win7 on one and Win10 on the other, which is an upgrade from the original windows product as provided free online.  All of them malfunction in the same way.  I click on the Outlook icon on my browser favorites bar or type it in the URL line, then Outlook's Icon appears with the activity bar.  The activity bar moves about half way in a half second and the screen is replaced with the message "This page can't be displayed".  So I click again and get the same results.  Sometimes I try up to 40-50 times then give up.  Sometimes 4-5 times and it loads.  Sometimes, like the last couple days, it loaded immediately and now it is back to not loading.  I need email for my work. Both computers share Norton Security.  Both are Dell. Both use TDS as internet service. Both have automatic updates occurring randomly from Norton, Dell, Windows, etc., which is where I think the problem began.  I have tried to shut off Norton, but it still won't load right.  When Outlook does load everything works like it is supposed to. Could this be a setting in Norton that is blocking Outlook?