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Outlook's connection and suspicious local network

Why does my email outlook.exe have an established connection to internal network

Update: It is online and sending/receiving pop/smtp from isp

Update 2: The Local and Remote IP are the same (, and it disappears after I send/receive

using a third party IPtool.....I'm trying to figure how to setup my Nortons firewall.  Windows 8 home, outlook 2010, Nortons newest edition, iptools, (netstat -ano)



Re: Outlook's connection and suspicious local network is the loopback address of your computer, or localhost.  It is a way for software on your PC to communicate internally.  These connections are normal and should not be blocked.  The Norton Firewall is a "smart" firewall and needs no setup.  If you have made changes to the settings, I would recommend using the "reset" option in the firewall settings to revert the firewall to its defaults.

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