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Password Manager

Hi - I've used Password Manager for a long time, and have always accessed it quickly and simply by clicking on the icon on the toolbar, and then entering the Vault password.

Recently I have found if I click on the icon I'm directed to the main website and need to log on there first before I can get to the Vault password screen.

Is this now standard process, in which case I will need to consider whether it's worth continuing, or is there a workround ?

I use IE11


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Kudos1 Stats

Re: Password Manager

A number of users appear to be suffering this problem.  Please see the thread: Tedious getting into Password Manager.  The only explanation offered is that the access method has been changed for 'safety reasons'.


Re: Password Manager

Thanks Chris - appreciated. I've posted on the "tedious" thread that this change will be a factor when I consider renewing my subscription.

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