Password Manager for Microsoft Edge

Due to some issue with password manager & mobile unlock Norton agents told me to uninstall PM from Microsoft Edge.

The agent, as though talking to a complete imbecile, then (unnecessarily) went through step by step how to reinstall it.

What the agent didn't know was that, for reasons known only to some at Norton, Password Manager has been removed from downloads, meaning that it couldn't be reinstalled !!

The agent knew not when the download would again be available.

Now who's the imbecile !

Thanks Norton, that's the kind of help no-one needs 

Question: can anyone shed light on the situation re availability?


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Re: Password Manager for Microsoft Edge

Hi TC25,

As a workaround you can download the version from the Google Chrome addon site.


Re: Password Manager for Microsoft Edge

Hi Redsfan_68, I did look at this option but I was told PM needed to be the Edge version. I'm not using Chrome.

Is that more mis info direct from Norton?

Edit: I tried... & now mobile unlock is working again 

Thanks Redsfan_68.

Maybe Norton agents should read this forum... 


Re: Password Manager for Microsoft Edge

Hi TC25,

That is what I am running now and all is fine.


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Re: Password Manager for Microsoft Edge


The situation (not being able to download)  the NPM extension for Edge has been corrected. 

From one of the Norton Admins (Gayathri_R)

"This issue is fixed now

Norton Password Manager (NPW) extension v7.1.4.7 has been published in MS Edge extension store. Same extension is available in landing page. Under Internet Security pillar, when MS Edge browser is selected, clicking on Browser extension will show NPW extension too.

Previous Version:
Current version:

Please note, we might still see an issue wherein customers with extension v7.1.4.3 see the disable extension prompt. Auto update of the extension should take care of this. If not, please ask customers to manually update the extension on MS Edge."

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