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Password Manager - Safety Dashboard

When using Norton Password Manager - Safety Dashboard I logged into UPS site to change my password (from the Fix it page), I was offered an auto generated password on the page, so I used it.  However I needed to retrieve my old password from the Norton Password Manger Page, so I opened up the UPS entry copied and pasted the old password in.  Norton realized I'd done this and asked if I wanted to update the password, I accepted.  Now one thing I'd noticed when logging in was the login link was taking me to an old tracking page, so with the UPS entry still open (probably with the old password in memory) I decided to update the link to a better one to log me in cleaner next time.  I made the mistake of saving my update and thus overwriting the password I'd just updated directly through the popup on the UPS page.  I would like to make the suggestion that in this scenario either don't store my old password as I've updated it with in the last 10 min through the popup, or at the very least give me some kind of warning, or give me the option of which password I want saved  (preferably with a last updated time attached).  I am slowly updating my passwords to more secure ones, and this was not the first time I'd done this by mistake, immediately after saving I realized I'm going to have to go through the whole lost password malarkey, which is ironic as I'm using a password manager to avoid such hassle.  Please fix.



Re: Password Manager - Safety Dashboard

I would tend to agree with you and would also suggest if you have quite a few passwords like I do, that there was a means of pulling out a pdf file or something where we could systematically go through our passwords and update them... I know it means that the printed copy is 'unsafe' until updated,  but it would be quicker to have a paper list than having to scroll down the site and jump back and forth between website and dashboard...


Re: Password Manager - Safety Dashboard


Please see the following post in regards to obtaining a .csv formatted list of your log-ins. 


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