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Password Manager/Identity safe extension causing serious problems with Firefox

For the last month or so  Norton Password Manger  (NPM) extension for Firefox is causing serious problems when browsing. Pages are slow to load, images do not appear and pages are slow when scrolling. I get high RAM usage (3meg+) and high CPU usage (order of 30%-50%) If I remove the extensions (NPM, norton home page, norton safe search, norton safe web and norton family) everything works fine, but when I re-install the NPM extension all the problems return.

I removed all Norton extensions and it works fine. When I add back only password manager the CPU usage and RAM spikes and it is unusable slow. My usage is research so I frequently have many webpages (10-20 open) at a time.

My system is:

Windows 10 Pro 1903, build 18362.295. (Dell 8920)

Firefox 69.0

NPM extension v6.5.1.7

Has anyone else seen this?

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Re: Password Manager/Identity safe extension causing serious problems with Firefox

Hello darbeeny. Check your windows update history for this update. KB4512941, if it is present uninstall it and reboot. There is another update which supersedes KB4512941 which fixes most of the high CPU usage issues. Once you get that update your build should then show 18362.356.


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