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Password for uninstalling, PIN revealed, & texts not reporting

Moto x4 running android 9. 

1. Was working great for a while and then it stopped reporting incoming text messages. We use the google voice app and outgoing has never reported (as expected).  But not sure why incoming text reporting stopped.  uninstalling and reinstalling hasn't fixed it.

2. latest norton family update: when locking the child's device from the parent app, the 4 digit pin is visible on the main dashboard! 

3. latest norton family update: it seems the parent password is no longer required to be entered in order to uninstall the app! Even though settings is locked out, my child can tap fast enough to disable the device administrator and then uninstall the app.  Previous version at least required the parent to log in before proceeding to the device administrator screen.  What am I missing here?!



Re: Password for uninstalling, PIN revealed, & texts not reporting

Hi @jperiod,

    Thank you for posting your observations. We will investigate #3 and keep you posted as we have an update. Can you let us know why you think PIN should not be visible (#2) even in parent app Family Summary screen?  We have had instances where parents have had difficulties in spotting the PIN, so this has been designed to make it easy for parents to find the PIN.

Thanks and regards,
Norton Family team

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