This forum thread needs a solution.

Password Vault Manager: how does the vault work?

By watching Norton videos (too hurried for my liking and with too small an image on screen) I've eventually discovered how to create an account. But I still haven't been able to find anything on how the Vault works. Experience has taught me never to try any new electronic technology without prior knowledge: it could well be more trouble than it was worth!

I was expecting Norton - as Google and Microsoft do so well with their products - to provide pages of TEXT, but apparently not. Sadly, it makes learning how Norton 360 works not as "easy" as you would like customers to believe.

Are you able, please, to advise or direct me to some text somewhere that will help me decide whether or not to use the Vault?

The sooner I concentrate on using Norton 360 rather than learning about it, the better. With thanks in anticipation of a reply (or replies).