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pc cleaner

Yesterday I made a huge mistake when I said to just add PC cleaner to my account as refund but after almost 2hours of waiting for my pc to reboot you have messed  my PC all to hell now I have to pay over $200.00 to have it fixed Please refund $49.99 & do not add it to my account as future member payment this is my request to Norton

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Re: pc cleaner

just add PC cleaner to my account as refund


Norton Community does not have access to your Norton account, subscription nor payment information. 
Please Contact Norton Support regarding your subscription/refund. 

Please see your Norton account to manage licenses / subscriptions.

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Re: pc cleaner

Is this the product you purchased? PC cleaner is a feature within Norton Utilities.


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Re: pc cleaner

Yes $49.99 from Norton online I would NOT recommend  PC Cleaner from Norten