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Pc overhear cause a problem?

So i play rainbow six siege. If i leave this game on (does run sorta warm) for 7days at once will it ever overheat and cause hardware or software problems? Also i use this pc almost everyday for the whole day so, ,8-12 hours a day already if i leave this on for 7 days will anything happen?? If not how long can i leave it on for?



Re: Pc overhear cause a problem?

FYI  This question has nothing to do with Norton products. That is what these forums are for. I'll ask it be moved to Tech Outpost.

You need to monitor your system temps. If they are getting to the high end for the specifications for your hardware, you need to look into better cooling for your case and components.

Your CPU/motherboard should have overheat protection built in, and it should slow down your system to help keep the temps in a safe range.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.