pcAnywhere 12.1 - Domain asked for on Login dialogue

I have created a host and designated users that are to use pcAnywhere authentications.  This is supposed to ask only for the user name and a password.  I test this out - and it works remotely using Web Remote.

However, if I reboot my computer and then try again,  I get a dialogue that now asks for a Domain in addition to the name and passowrd.  I try all of the logical names for a Domain but none work.

In the manual - it indicates that my computer authentication might require this.  How do I change this, or figure out what Domain it is expecting? 

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Re: pcAnywhere 12.1 - Domain asked for on Login dialogue

Hi DickG,

This problem can occur if pcAnywhere Host is not running as service. Do the following to launch the host with Windows(on host computer):

--Start pcAnywhere.

--In the left pane, click  Hosts.

--In the right pane, right click the host item you have created and then click Properties.

--On the Settings tab, under Host startup, check the option Launch with Windows.  The option 'Run as service will' automatically get checked and will be grayed out.

--Click Apply > OK.

Restart the computer to apply the changes. Alternately you can just restart the pcAnywhere host service.



Re: pcAnywhere 12.1 - Domain asked for on Login dialogue

Thanks for the reply.  After I posted my original message, I finally did find a similar post back in May that you responded to.  I had my doubts that would work because when I first created the host I had already checked Logon with Windows so I felt that couldn't be the problem.  But I did it anyway and so far it has worked.  It's possible I edited the previous host - which had previously been checked to Logon with Windows - and somehow my editing of (for example) the password resulted in the box getting unchecked.  I don't know.  But for now it seems to have fixed the problem.

Thanks again.


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