PCAnywhere - MAC OS X

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I was wondering when & whether Norton/Symantec are planning to release a version of PCAnywhere that will be compatible with Apple Macs, specifically to remote control PC operating systems?

Historically our company have always used PCA for remote conections, but lately the need is arising to be able to connect from Apple Macs, we've noticed other remote software is offering this ability already, and more notably some free versions, so will PCA also be including this feature?

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Re: PCAnywhere - MAC OS X

Recently released 12.5 does have Cross Platform support for Mac - Remote. It was there in 12.1 too. You can find the detailed steps to use it in User Guide from page no. 241 onwards. As of now, user guide for 12.5 is not available. You can use the 12.1 userguide. Interface is alsmost same for 12.1 and 12.5. You can download the user guide from the link below:



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