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pcAnywhere--outside users cannot connect to host

Hi all!

I'm coming from a Mac background and trying to help my boss who has a PC, and it's an OLD PC, so bear with me.

We have a computer at our company HQ that our retail stores use pcAnywhere to remote into to place orders. We were having problems with our internet so Verizon came in and fixed it, however now our outside users can no longer access our host machine via pcAnywhere. We have version 11.5 (yeah, I know, I know). I've never even heard of the software before so what I need to know is how on EARTH do we set it up so that the other stores can log in? I tried just giving them the new IP address and that didn't seem to work when one store tried to connect. The online chat support guys said something about opening ports for TCP and UDP, however I have absolutely no idea what that means or how to do it, as I'm a Mac user/fixer/expert. 

Any help? It would be greatly appreciated!



Re: pcAnywhere--outside users cannot connect to host

Since PC Anywhere is not one of the current Norton Mac products, I don't know anyone here who has any expertise.

I see some discussion of PC Anywhere in this forum, you may want to try there:


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