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Pending payout not accumulating

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My pending payout was not accumulating for about 1 week and now it's kinda of working but the thread lead me to believe that "the pending payout will jump up corresponding to the accrued balance."  This has not happened, it's almost the end of week and no updates.

Please let us know what's going on. 

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Re: Pending payout not accumulating

Don't count on a 'jump'. I've been watching that close and no go. Nice of them to use our systems for mining and we get ZERO. I call it dead mining time; meaning the time my GPU had been used with ZERO accumulation! Rough estimate of my dead mining time is probably at least 30 hrs! I don't run it 24/7, just started it today for a short time (had it shutdown for over 2 days after Thursday night's dead mining time) to see if it would move and it did a little but no jump. It didn't 'jump' when they sort of fixed it after that Sept 24th Admin comment so I have doubts it will at all. Some people have said a reinstall of Norton worked, I haven't tried yet. I don't think anyone had a jump in balance after that but who knows. Good luck.

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