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"Perform Full VSS Backup"

I was just defining a new backup on a new external drive and saw  "Perform Full VSS Backup"  as an option in the advanced menu.  I've never seen that before and I can't find it in the manual.  I'm using Ghost ver. 14 -- anybody know what  "Perform Full VSS Backup"  means?  Is it important?


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Re: "Perform Full VSS Backup"

I couldn't find it in the Ghost 15 manual either so I looked in the SSR2011 manual...

Perform full VSS backup

Lets you perform a full backup on the VSS storage and send a request for VSS to review its own transaction log. This option is used for VSS applications, such as Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 or Microsoft SQL. VSS determines what transactions are already committed to the database and then truncates those transactions. Among other things, truncated transaction logs help keep the file size manageable and limits the amount of hard drive space that the file uses. If you do not select this option, backups still occur on the VSS storage. However, VSS does not automatically truncate the transaction logs following a backup. Note: This option does not appear if you create a recovery point using the Back Up MyComputer wizard feature in Symantec System Recovery Disk.

Re: "Perform Full VSS Backup"

Thanks Red. 

I've been using Ghost v. 14 for a couple of years and didn't see it until today.  Doesn't sound like something I need to worry about.


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